Client Policy

Clients Related Policy – Instructions to Employees at Auro Infotech

Auro Infotech has a well defined set of policies and procedures that guide its employees while working at Auro Infotech. The policies that relate to their interaction with the clients are published here to give the clients also a good idea of the same rules that the employees follow during their interaction with the clients.

Team Management Policy

Always use your official email id for all official communication purposes.

All information about the team, projects and clients should be kept confidential and not be shared with any one else.

Communication Policy

Since communication is a key aspect in any project, please find below a simple communication policy that will help us improve the quality of our services.

All client emails to support team must be responded within an hour.

All other emails from clients must be replied to within 24 hours.

If the response from AI, does not provide a solution to the question the client is asking, the   response should contain a follow up time, when we will provide the next update.

While on any project, daily status update should be sent at the end of the day to the client,   ccing your project leader.

If you do not get a reply from a client within 48 hours, please notify your project leader of the   same.

Information Security Policy

All information at Auro Infotech belongs to Auro Infotech or its clients.

Client Data: All employees of Auro Infotech are held accountable for maintaining the security of data that the employees handle as a part of their job duties.

Project Management Policies

Every week, the Team Leaders are expected to produce a Weekly Status Report (WSR) on each project their teams work on. A sample WSR is given below:

Sample Status report: Weekly Status Report on Music Plugin for Week Ending 27-January-2006

Project Name: Music Plugin Enhancements v3.0

Project Started on: 26-January-2006

Project Planned End Date: 13-February-2006

Status Report for Week Ending: 27-January-2006

Current Phase: Coding

Accomplishments during the week: (23-January-2006 to 27-January-2006)

1. Coding: Changes to Home page

Plans for next Week:( 30-January-2006 ) to (03-February-2006 )

1. Coding: Create Static Page on the fly

Future Tasks:

1. Week of 6th Feb: Coding and Testing

2. Week of 13th Feb: Release

Project Status (Development Team view): On target

Weekly Status Reports should be sent to the clients at the end of every week by the team leaders

Source Code Control Policy

Any code that goes into production must be first tested and signed off on testing server by both the QA team and the clients. (Any exceptions are permitted only with management team member approval.) .

Zero Tolerance on Abuse Policy

Any form of abuse by employees on other employees or clients, such as accusing using unacceptable language, using physical or other forms of action will not be tolerated. Such behaviour will result in immediate termination and might be followed up with necessary action if found necessary.

Auro Infotech follows zero tolerance for abuse by clients on employees. If any client abuses any employee at any time, the employee is expected to report it asap and< the client will be blacklisted from dealing with AI in the future.

General Word Of Caution

Failure to comply with any of the defined policies and/or procedures is subject to disciplinary action, leading up to and including the immediate termination of your employment.

If you have more questions regarding this topic or any other policy/procedure listed in this pagea, please email us at