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New Lead Farmer TN: Purushothaman

Postby admin » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:48 am

Purushothaman: 90923 96123

He has Ponni - Puzhungal Rice from Cuddalore - Barhur area.

Since water is very salty there, he sent the grains to Chenji mills and got it converted to Rice - it is ready in Vizhupuram right now.

Pandian is the person who has the rice.

I have asked for 2kgs sample - to be sent to Kuppammal for sampling.

Will wait for the bank details and send the payment and then get the rice and try it out .

Organic - No Certificate
Ponni - Puzhungal: Cuddalore - Bahur area:

Cuddalore Mill: has very salty water
Chenji Mill: with kallu uppu - for better taste
Vizhupuram: 70Rs per kg
1.25T available
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