New Lead FPO TN: Mulipadi FPCL

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New Lead FPO TN: Mulipadi FPCL

Postby admin » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:23 pm

Sugunthan spoke to me about banana and banana leaf from their FPCL.

Sugunthan is the CEO: +91 88700 06699

FPA for Apr 2019 attached.

They can send 500kg in one truck.

Village Musiri - banana leaf
Village kulithalai - banana -

Produce Costs:
Thaar rates:
karpuravalli - thenvalai - Rs.500/-
poovalli: Rs.400/-

He said that the market rates are per kg.
Current rates are around Rs.160/170/180 per kg.

Since we are dealing with end customers, I have suggested that we will get the cut ones itself in kgs. (This way, we save money in transport).
He is going to get the cost per kg for both the brands.

He also said when marriage days come, the rates will go up.

Ripening Process:

No chemical
No cold storage

Before sending the banana, it has to be ripened using a process:
Natural one: Oothal murai (kottai katti)

I have asked him to use the above method to ripen it in such a way that if it leaves from their village today, it is ready for eating the day after tomorrow morning.

No refrigeration or chemicals used for ripening.

Logistics Costs:

Travels near their area:
tamil travels

The travels people are charging at Rs.100/- per box. It can hold up to one thaar. I am suggesting that we pack the box to the size of the thaar with as many kgs as possible for this Rs.100/- logistics cost.
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Re: New Lead FPO TN: Mulipadi FPCL

Postby satyapriya » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:24 am

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