New Lead FPO TN: Jayaraman President Farmers Assn Salem

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New Lead FPO TN: Jayaraman President Farmers Assn Salem

Postby admin » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:45 am

Spoke to him at length

He has 8400 farmers in his association.

Runs two FPOs for about 7 to 8 years.

Has won many awards at national level and state level.

Has a good vision but says he does not have technology support.

Has an app

Salem district farmers federation
Golden City
Cuddalore Main Road

Puthira Kondan Palayam PO

636 119

Near TN Maravalli Research Centre
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Re: New Lead FPO TN: Jayaraman President Farmers Assn Salem

Postby admin » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:37 pm

Met Mr.Jayaraman yesterday in Attur, near Salem.
- He is 58 years old and has been into farming for over 30 years.
- Has won many national and state awards for 'best farmer', 'smart farmer' etc.
- Head of Salem Farmers Federation, which is a registered NGO with 8400 farmers in it.
- Chairman of multiple FPOs in their region. Each FPO has 1000 members in it.
- Runs a tight ship with good process in place.
- Tied up with five national banks and Indian Bank has set up an extension counter in his office itself.
- They have a unique record of getting crores of loans for the farmers and all of them repaying them on or ahead of time. He has certified letters from each bank stating that the loans from all farmers have been paid back in full - has about 10 such letters - a big deal in India - have never seen this anywhere else.
- Has a major complaint that for seven years there is no rains and hence has encouraged many farmers to adopt cattle farming as alternative to dependency on land and rain for agriculture.
- Is fully aware of single of point of failure and acknowledged when I pointed out that he has to groom someone under him.
- They are into organic as well as non-organic produce. Especially the produce from the hills around their area are considered extremely high quality in nature.
- He is a very down to earth, humble man, yet quite proud of his role in this - right fully so - based on the facts and data he has around his accomplishments.
- Has the reputation of 'Angry Jayaraman' but I guess that is required to run such a massive initiative single handledly with such consistency.
- His son is also with him (finished BE ECE, worked in Chennai in IT) now. He handles the software part also - developed 'Salem Veggies' app. He also is associated with a team that developed 'Kanakkupillai'.
- They also provide finance to farmers at 1.5Rs. interest.
- They have earned good respect among IAS officers and other leaders.
- They stay clear of politics.
- They have a physical store in 10 places including the Collectorate office
- They cover 9 pincodes in Salem.
- They make close to 60K in sales each day and 1L on occasional days (eg. Marriage days)
- He wants his model to be replicated in different farming communities.
- He says he needs help with marketing the produce.
- He is about to tie up with a exporter in Maharashtra to give them corn for export to many countries. Might travel to Mumbai later in the month to sign the deal.

We discussed about:
1. The problems behind farmer problems, mindset, approach, middlemen, possible solutions etc.
2. The model that he uses and way he has structured the organisations.
3. The Five Minutes ideology, vision as well as the current model and the roadmap (start with selling, later convert producers to consumers also, later provide interest free loans etc)
4. How Salem Farmers and Five Minutes team could work together.

We agreed upon a few things:
1. Salem Farmers and Five Minutes team will start the process right away, start small and grow as we go along.
2. Salem Farmers team will coordinate the supply from their farmers and handle the grading, sorting, packing and logistics.
3. Five Minutes team will only focus on the platform and arrange for the last mile delivery.
4. Only the highest grade of vegetables is required to be placed in Five Minutes system - so Salem Farmers team will make sure all other grades are not included.
5. Salem Farmers will ensure that the farmer replaces the produce at no extra cost if any consumer complains about the quality.

Met the leaders of each FPO. They all have a consistent message:
1. We only take farmers who know that loans have to be repaid and no subsidy/waiver will be encouraged for any loan.
2. We are responsible to collect the loan repayments - if the farmer fails, we have to pay it out of pocket.
3. We will guarantee the quality of the produce.

Met a lot of farmers - who all appear to be happy - makes me feel this could be the model to be replicated in other parts of the country.

Action Items to be handled this week:
1. Salem Farmers team to send the daily price list of all the items not provided earlier.
2. Five Minutes team to update the Five Minutes Salem Farmers website with all the details.
3. Maha and Satya from Five Minutes team to provide knowledge transfer to Jaya Bharathi from Salem Farmers team on how to use the admin tool to manage the inventory.
4. Five Minutes team to manage the pricing updates until the calculator feature is ready to go live in the system. Once the feature goes live, Five Minutes team to handle knowledge transfer to Salem Farmers team on how they can manage their pricing themselves.
5. Five Minutes team to do a sample paid order with vegetables etc.
6. Salem Farmers team to also provide a separate price list for organic vegetables and other items.

Action Items for next week:
1. Five Minutes team (Subbuji, Murugan etc) to visit Salem Farmers.

It will be feasible for them to send their own truck if each trip has 2T worth of items in it.

Over a 100 products are made available from 8400 farmers in Salem to Five Minutes starting right away.

-- Vegetables:
Cut in the morning, grouped as per 'Consolidated Procurement Order', packed as per 'Customer Packing Slip', reach Chennai by 11pm, at doorsteps before 8am next day.

-- Milk:
Milked at 3pm, heated to 80 degrees, sealed in packs with date, reach Chennai by 11pm, at doorsteps before 8am next day.

All grading, sorting, packaging and logistics to be handled by Salem Farmers team.
Only last mile delivery to be handled by 5M Logistics team.

Overall, a very good day out with the farmers and their leader.
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Re: New Lead FPO TN: Jayaraman President Farmers Assn Salem

Postby satyapriya » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:17 am

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