Auro Infotech (AI) has a dedicated team of IT professionals who are contributing to the success of the organization in a huge manner. This page provides information on key team members and their respective skillsets.

This team has a collective skillset that makes us feel proud. Some of the skillsets are:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux
  • Development Languages: ASP.NET (VB and C#), PHP, Java, ASP
  • Databases: MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL
  • Mobile Application Development: PhoneGap, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google MAPS API, etc.
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, Advertising (Direct Ads, Google Adwords, FB Ads, etc)
  • Analytics and Data Mining: Talend, Hadoop, Google Analytics, etc
  • Server Management: IIS, Apache, WHM/CPanel, Plesk, etc

Dorairaj Udayakumar

Mr.Dorairaj Udayakumar is the President of Auro Infotech and it is with his blessings that AI has grown from a one employee firm to a twenty member family. With over thirty years of experience in various businesses, he is instrumental in guiding the young talented members of Auro Infotech in the right direction.


Jintha joined Auro Infotech in early 2013 and heads the Content Management team. Though she joined us as a content manager, with her ability to learn new concepts and technologies, has now mastered the art of quality testing all our websites and apps. At this point, Jintha has taken a break to complete her Masters degree and should be back in 2016.


Kandan is the senior most employee at Auro Infotech with over 10 years of service with the organization. He heads the design team. He has designed over 80% of the sites developed by Auro Infotech and is known for his ‘Never Say No’ approach. He is working on building a team of junior designers under him. You can think of any design in mind or show any design online, Kandan can integrate it in any technology platform of your choice. He is one of the best design integrators we have met.


Kesavan joined us in 2014 and is the latest kid on the block. He is fast learning application development in real world and is remarkable in that he delivered a major functionality for one of our own products within one week of joining the organization.

Kishan (a) Syed Hussain

Kishan is the administrator at Auro Infotech and handles the administrative tasks in the organization. He has been involved with guiding Auro Infotech from its inception, but joined the company full time in 2012. He is the primary point of contact for all business development activities in the company. Kishan is a sports addict and plays cricket and badminton with passion.


Radhika joined the team in 2013 and heads the accounts division. She comes with a Mathematics background and handles the accounts in a very methodical fashion. She mostly works out of home and remotely controls all the finance related aspects of the organization. She is a gaming addict and is on top of the latest games on her mobile device.


Richa joined us in 2014 and is our .NET specialist. She has the ability to solve any problem given to her, no matter how difficult it appears. (Ask her anything and her response will be ‘No problem. I will take care of it’ and she does!).


Sathish joined us in 2012 and leads the PHP development team at Auro Infotech. He has picked up the skills for measuring the quality of the sites using YSlow, PageSpeed, etc and has also become well versed in W3C Standards related check for each site. Sathish is currently on the development team, responsible for the delivery of Auro Cart integration on the shopping cart related websites. He is now getting groomed to lead our Mobile platform also.